Scientific Writing Session as an Appreciation for the Persistence of the Santri

Scientific Writing Session for the 2023/2024 Academic Year which was held on Sunday (11/2/2024) in the At-Tasabuq Hall Building, Pondok Pesantren Daar el-Qolam 3, Dza ‘Izza Campus, went well. The students who wrote the best scientific papers (karya tulis ilmiah/KTI) have also been determined.

“Thank God, the implementation of the Best KTI Session has gone well and smoothly as expected,” said Ustaz Mohamad Fahmi, M.Pd. as the main person responsible for the activity which was attended by teachers, students, and parents whose sons/daughters were selected as writers of the best scientific papers.

Participants in the Best KTI Session consisted of seven students from their respective fields.  Two speak English, two speak Arabic, and three speak Indonesian. These participants were tested by two examiners who are competent in their fields.

The best participants in the KTI Arabic category were Ammar Alfadil (6 Madris) and Badriyatun Nashifah (6 Madris); the KTI English category are Muhammad Amjad Abrizal (6 Business) and Dewi Indrawati (6 Biology); the Indonesian KTI category is Safira Anugrah Ramadhani (3 MIA A), Pradipta Maharani Widharry (6 MIA), and Ramdani Putra Sulistyo (3 IIS).

Ustaz Fahmi revealed that the main purpose of preparing the KTI was as a graduation requirement for the final class of students as a whole.  Meanwhile, the Best KTI session was an appreciation for their sincerity with extraordinary results and provided learning to their junior classes, namely classes 5 and 2 Extension, where they had already started preparing KTI assignments.  Through the KTI session, it is hoped that they will have an overview and role model of what the best scientific work looks like as presented.

Ustaz Fahmi also explained the best assessment criteria, where students who meet these criteria are designated as the best scientific writing authors and receive appreciation.

“The best assessment criteria are the presence of novelty, interest, originality, completeness of the data, in accordance with the methodology used, being able to write it sequentially and in accordance with the KTI writing guidelines for Pondok Pesantren Daar el-Qolam 3, Dza ‘Izza Campus,” he said.

Ustaz Fahmi hopes that the writing of scientific papers will get better and increase in quality, as well as contributing to improving literacy culture at Pondok Pesantren Daar el-Qolam 3, Dza ‘Izza Campus.

“The hope is that for Pondok Pesantren Daar el-Qolam 3, Dza ‘Izza Campus, KTI will be better in the future and make a contribution in terms of literacy. For the students, they will gain experience and supplies for quality higher education, in terms of writing works scientific writing. For the younger students in the class, they can learn from the writing side,” he concluded.